I recommend CIA!!!
2018-01-12 265

Hello, guys, what i want to say today is about strength of studying in CIA language center.

First of all, there are a lot of teachers which are so kind and nice.

Even though, you don't understand what they say,

that's okay because they will explain over and over until you get it!

They are so intelligent and have good career for teaching students.

You will definitely learn many thing from them. I'm sure you'll improve.

Secondly, CIA has a good atmosphere to learn English.

There are 10th classes every day.

But  it isn't hard because there are various group classes like,

Pop-song class, Movie class and so on.

For these classes, you would know how studying English is fun! Beside,

there are variety of nationality in CIA such as, Tiwanies, Japanese, Mongolian even Arabian.

I guess this is a  great chance to make a new friend.

Not only learning English, but you also can pick new things

that you've never experienced before from them.

Lastly, you can go on a vacation to beautiful islands on the weekends.

There are amazing place to visit near CIA. I went to Moal-boal which is island and

it takes only 3 hour to get there. It was incredible!

We had snorkeling on the beautiful ocean and had BBQ party at night.

Why don't you go on a trip with new foreign friends?! It would be wonderful. 

I will never forget the memory that I've been here forever.

It would be the best experience for my life!

I hope you guys come here and join us and enjoy the life in the Philippines!

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