Local expenses

On-site delivery
Unit: pesos
SSP (Special Study Permit) 6,500pesos Special Study Permit issued by the Philippine government
I-CARD 3,000pesos

All foreigners staying in the Philippines for more than 59 days (basically students of language schools)must acquire SSP (Special Study Permit). This is necessary for the issuance of ACR-I Card (Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card).

Length of Stay and Visa Fees
1-4weeks 0 Rates vary depending on length of stay. The application process will be handled by the school.
5-8weeks 3,630pesos
9-12weeks 8,540pesos
13-16weeks 11,580pesos
17-20weeks 14,620pesos
21-24weeks 17,660pesos
Dormitory deposit
2,500pesos Dormitory deposit is refundable upon exit if there are no breakages of fixtures or any damage done to the room.
electric bill
Single room-1,500pesos(4weeks) If the electricity bill exceeds the minimum monthly consumption or beyond 150%, we will charge the excess upon check out.
Double room-1,300pesos(4weeks)
Triple room-1,200pesos(4weeks)
Quad room-1,000pesos(4weeks)
water bill
400pesos/4weeks It will be 100 pesos per person per week.
Tuition Fee 1,700pesos It depends on the course and the period of study abroad.
ID Card Fee
100pesos We will shoot pictures necessary for ID card and visa application at school.