ESLESL stands for English as a Second Language. A well-rounded language education for it tackles the four macro-skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing with Grammar and Vocabulary embedded in each domain. We offer flexible ESL courses ranging from Budget, Regular, Intensive and Power Intensive that aim to meet your needs.
TOEICThis course provides each student a great chance to practice their skills in taking the TOEIC test. CIA offers TOEIC Guaranteed Course 600/700/850, TOEIC Regular and TOEIC Bridge which is an introductory course. TOEIC Guarantee student must enroll in a three - month program and be assured to successfully achieve target score. We continue to support our students, so if they get their desired score every time they take the Simulation Test; and have continued to follow the program’s rules and regulations, we’ll be glad to reimburse Official TOEIC test fee.

This course aims to improve IELTS score. It is divided into IELTS BRIDGE (introductory) course, IELTS Regular and Guarantee Course (target score 5.5 / 6.0 / 6.5). A minimum of 12 weeks is required to enroll in Guarantee Course. In addition, it is necessary to submit IELTS score before enrolling or take our entrance test since a minimum of 3.5 band is required. If you don’t have a specific target score or specific time to achieve your goal, then IELTS Regular may be right for you. 

Guarantee Course Benefits:  Free 1 month tuition fee In case you didn’t meet the target score within three months yet complied with the requirements (dormitory and local fees not included.) Also, we’ll be glad to reimburse you with official IELTS Test fee if you meet the target score. (* Guarantee benefits may be lost depending on the attendance rate or the number of warnings.)

BUSINESSBusiness English Course is aimed at bringing together both the essentials and sophistication of English by learning the words and expressions used in business and performing various tasks through using them. Students are also given a chance to boost their communicative confidence by strengthening their general skills needed to meet the challenges of using English in the business world from professionally putting out opinions, understanding employment management documents, acquainting oneself with marketing terms, preparing documents, presenting , constructing e-mail and so on.