Business English Course

Detailed introduction of the program(BUSINESS)
One to one
5frames (3 ESL / 2 BUSINESS)
groupOne frame (BUSINESS)
groupOne frame (Native or CNN)
One frame (Enhancement)
2frames ( Self Study Compulsory ・ Writing Self Study)


Lesson program
◐Lesson 1 –Learn basic Business terms and expressions
◐Lesson 2 –Learn the format of standard business documents, how to write notes, how to summarize, and how to make a report
◐Lesson 3 –Learn how English is used in written language and business scene
◐Lesson 4 -Learn the skills of business presentations
◐Lesson 5 –Acquire knowledge of advanced business terminologies
◐Lesson 6 –Learn how to take minutes of the meeting through basic business challenges
◐Lesson 7 –Experience public interviews and simulated job interviews
◐Lesson 8 –Develop a plan, investigate it, develop the ability to apply related information about the business