TOEIC Exam Preparation Course

One to one
4frames (ESL Speaking / ESL Reading / ESL Listening / ESL Writing )
group 2frames (ESL Grammar / ESL Speaking)

2frames (TOEIC Clinic)

2frames ( Self Study Compulsory ・ Writing Self Study)


One to one
4frames ( 2 TOEIC Listening ・ 2 TOEIC Reading)
group 2frames( TOEIC Grammar ・ TOEIC Speaking)
2frames( TOEIC Clinic)
2frames( Self Study Compulsory ・ Writing Self Study)



- TOEIC Bridge Course:Interested students can sign up for at least one-week term with no specific level requirement. This course introduces the students to the essential test-taking skills and gradually builds their confidence through Clinic Classes (9th and 10th periods) while refining conversation skills in general ESL classes.

- TOEIC Regular CourseTOEIC Regular Course: The course is for students who are uncertain about the duration of their stay and has no particular TOEIC score goals. Students will enjoy the flexibility of receiving TOEIC instruction within their desired timeframe.

- TOEIC Guarantee CourseTOEIC Guarantee Course: The student must enroll in a three month program. Students will receive TOEIC Public Test fee reimbursement if the student meets the target score. If the student falls below their previous score 3 times, he/she will be dropped out of the guarantee.


Entrance eligibility criteria
Target Score600
CIA Level4 / TOEIC380 / IELTS3.0
Target Score700
CIA Level5 / TOEIC480 / IELTS4.0
Target Score850
CIA Level6 / TOEIC780 / IELTS6.0



▣ Guarantee course qualification condition
Class attendance 95% or above.
100% weekly Mock Test participation.
Consistent or progressive Mock Test results. Three average scores falling below the previous week’s scores will result in disqualification.
No Warning Notice of more than 2 times.
Failure to complete the required time or duration will result to disqualification.

▣ Guarantee course benefits
Free 1 month tuition fee. In case the student doesn’t meet the target score within three months yet complied to the requirements, he/she qualifies for 1 additional month tuition fee ( dormitory and local fees not included )
TOEIC Public Test fee (Php 2,200) reimbursement if the student meets the target score.



TOEIC  Schedule
Day of admission
2018-11-26 2018-12-24  


Day of admission
2019-01-21 2019-02-18 2019-03-18
2019-04-15 2019-05-13 2019-06-10
2019-07-08 2019-08-05 2019-09-02
2019-09-30 2019-10-28 2019-11-25