Characteristics of CIA

 We pride ourselves to have 13 years of Semi - Sparta expertise.

Because of our long experience in the business, we provide a favorable environment where students can concentrate on their studies. In addition, we have established rules that allow students to stay safe and fulfill their linguistic goals.


2.Convenient location

After CIA's relocation to A.S. Fortuna in 2012, we offer new and comfortable accommodations that suit your needs. Our Customer Relations Officers ensure students are satisfied and happy during your stay.
CIA is also conveniently located 15 minutes away from the airport, 3 minutes from J Center Mall, and 5-10 minutes from famous local and international restaurants.


3.Experienced professional lecturers

CIA is committed to promote learner independence through "learner-centered" approach. All our teachers are professionally and highly trained to cater to the needs and interests of the students by planning and reinforcing interactive lessons that are relevant and interesting. This also means students are encouraged to actively participate in the learning process.
Moreover, the academic leaders regularly conduct teacher development programs, observations, and gather student feedback to maintain quality service.


4.Wide range of courses

The variety of courses and programs give students a variety of options to meet all language needs. You can develop everyday English through Comprehensive English Language Courses (ESL), Examination Preparation Courses such as (IELTS) and (TOEIC). Business Course, and immigration preparation or Working Holiday. We also encourage students' involvement in the community through Volunteer Program, and promote holistic development through Enhancement Classes and Extra-curricular activities.


5.Quality Service

CIA understands the struggles of being away from home; therefore, we make living in Cebu safe, convenient, and enjoyable. Our staffs are ready to provide quality service from airport transfers, getting to know the city, exchanging money, booking a trip or sending and receiving parcels. We also have managers from different nationalities to guarantee support and welfare during your stay.



6.Opportunity for Cultural Exchange

We have opened our doors to several nationalities such as Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern and European students. Having different nationalities allow unique experience and cultural exchange to take place.
During school hours, students can maximize English language application beyond the classrooms as regulated by our English Only Policy (EOP System.)


7.More than just Language Learning

Our social programs are designed to help you have fun, make friends and put your language skills in use.
Experience and showcase talents by participating in zumba, and competitive activities such as talent, speech, singing, public speaking, essay writing and other contests. 
We also have a volunteer program for those who desire to have hands-on interactions with the locals. 
Sharing fun time with friends, teachers and the community will surely leave a memorable mark in one’s heart.


8.Wholesome Meals

CIA understands how good nutrition impact students' behavior and concentration in the class. 
Therefore, we provide delicious, healthy meals that meet the demands of diverse palates. 
Our kitchen staff constantly aims to offer balanced food options and continually develop new menus to accommodate all taste buds.