How to Prepare

Required items
Please note the expiration date. Staying period + 6 months is required.
When entering the Philippines, you need a return ticket or a ticket to leave the Philippines.
Prepare for the following: Round trip transportation expenses from home to the airport + local school expenses + allowance
Overseas travel insurance policy
How to Use: contacts are listed. (Subscription is optional)
It is recommended to take suitable amount of clothes including every day wear and going out outfits. Please bring footwear ideal to tropical weather. We offer laundry service twice a week. Cleaned laundry will be available for pickup 3 days after.
Please take enough bath and face towels.
Shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments, body soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper at least 1 roll
In addition to basic cosmetics, we also recommend bringing of sunscreen due to the hot weather in the Philippines. Although glasses and contact lens supplies can be purchased locally, it’s best to have them handy.
a copy of passport
Always store passport in a safe place.
In case of colds or diarrhea, we recommend taking medicines you have previously taken in Japan.
Only English texts are available at school. There are no Japanese reference books.
Writing Materials
Although it can be purchased locally, the quality in Japan is better.
Tote bag / backpack
It is recommended to take a school bag such backpack to carry educational items such books and other school supplies around the campus.
International cash card, credit card (VISA or MASTER) etc.
Electronic dictionary
You may bring any form of bilingual dictionary, electronic or traditional. It will come in handy especially in studying vocabulary.
Leisure goods
Swimwear, beach sandals, sunglasses, hats, insect repellent and bug bites.
Please remember the memories of your study abroad life.
Lessons or assignments requiring a PC is not normally given. However, you’re welcome to bring a laptop for research and viewing purposes.
You may bring your camera, PC and mobile phones.
A transformer
Philippines voltage system is 220V 60hrz. Please ensure appliances are compatible to Philippine voltage. 
AA battery* The closet/safety deposit box in the on-campus dormitory is battery operated lock. Please have three AA batteries. They can be purchased locally * There is no need to provide batteries if you’re staying in one of our off-campus dormitories.
It’s a good idea to have beach sandals or tropical footwear that will come in handy when travelling. 
Photo ID
Please check availability of any products before bringing them to the Philippines. There’s a possibility that they may be readily available in local stores.
Instant Food
Oatmeal, miso soup, tea, etc.
Please take note of the checked baggage weight restrictions on airplanes.