01.Passport preparation

Upon entering the Philippines, a valid passport of at least 6 months is required.
Please make sure to check it before departure.

02.Departure and starting date

Enrollment is on a weekly basis. Since the usual check in is on Sunday and Saturday is checkout, it is advisable for students to determine starting date at the end of the week. Students take the entrance test on Monday, and will have the graduation on Friday.

03.Registration Process

Application through Agencies: Please apply through certified education agencies. Registration will include a completed form and a deposit.
※ Click here for a list of cooperation study abroad agencies (link → http: //cebucia.jp/bbs/content.php? Co_id = agency)

04.Invoice issuance

Once you have completed your application, you will be issued an invoice (an estimate of expenses, including tuition and lodging fees) from the agency.

05.Booking airline tickets

Airline Reservations: Tickets can be purchased through travel agents and/or cheap ticket shops.
Upon entering the Philippines, it’s a requirement to either have a return ticket or a departure ticket from the Philippines to a third country.
It’s not advisable to have one-way ticket because this is most likely going to result in denial.
Please inform the education agency as soon as tickets bookings are done.

06.Study Abroad Fee

Please pay the cost of studying abroad at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled date of departure.

07.International students travel insurance

Travel insurance is important if you want to make sure you’ll be able to afford medical care when you’re abroad.  Although prices are cheaper in the Philippines compared to Japan, the cost of medical care for foreigners is high. Please do not overestimate your physical strength overseas, and be sure to get an insurance policy.

08.Preparation of belongings

Preparation of belongings Please refer to "belongings preparation page". (Link to → http: //cebucia.jp/bbs/content.php? Co_id = preparation)


Departure: Students travelling internationally must arrive at the airport about two hours prior to departure.

10.Airport Pickup

Upon arrival at Cebu International Airport, a school staff will be there to pick you up. Ensure that all baggage is collected before meeting up with our staff.

11.Placement Test

On the first day (usually Monday), you will take a placement test. The test is necessary to determine yourEnglish language proficiency. This will help us determine the most appropriate curriculum and materials to use. 

12.Student orientation

On the same day, students will have an orientation about the school information, classes, procedures, and the like. Students will also be informed on the school policies and consequences if students fail to comply with the requirements.
13.Start of classes

The class will start from the day after the orientation!