Useful information

Important things to consider when using international debit card.

Figure1 Figure2 Figure3 Figure4
Insert international cash card into ATM.
②Please enter your personal Identification Number(PIN) *Fig1
 Please enter your password.
 →Enter the international cash card password (PIN).
 ※Be careful not to be seen by other people when entering the password.
③Please press the proper key for your desired transaction. *Fig2
 Please select the procedure you would like to request.
 →Withdraw Cash.
④Please press the proper key for your desired ’From’ account.  *Fig3
 Please select the course type to be used.
 →Savings (SA) is selected.
⑤For all cards issued abroad, this ATM will charge an access fee php 200.00 in addition to any fees that may be charged by your bank. Would you like to proceed?
 A conversion fee will be charged to this procedure. Is it OK?
 →Select Yes.
⑥Please enter desired amount.  *Fig4
 Translate: Please enter the withdrawal amount.
 →Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
Peso cash and ATM receipt will be issued.
important point
Please confirm the "overseas ATM withdrawal limit amount" of the bank to be used in advance.
Depending on the model, there is a setting of the maximum amount that can be withdrawn to one time such as 5,000 to 20,000 pesos.

How to fill in the immigration card ※ (Please print this page for your reference)

Documents necessary for entering the Philippines are an entry card and a customs declaration form. It is distributed on the plane so it’s advisable you fill it up onboard. Please pass the immigration card to the customs review officer at the time of immigration review and the customs declaration form. You are required to submit your departure card when you leave the country. In case of urgent departure, please obtain it ahead of time. Fill out the necessary information and submit it by departure examination.

Immigration card
Middle name
Phone number or e-mail address
Passport number
Departure country
Country of residence
Flight to use when entering the country
Travel purpose
Signature (same as passport)
Immigration card
Surname · First name · Middle name
Gender (MALE: Male FEMALE: Female)
Date of birth (month / day / year - Christian calendar)
office worker
office clerk
business man
care worker
Passport number
Passport Issuance Date (Monday / Day / Year - A Century) and Issuing Area
Address in the Philippines – School address may be used
Current address
Flight number when entering the country
Boarding at the time of entry
Date of entry (Monday / Day / Year - Christian calendar)
Purpose of travel (1 mining / 2 living / 3 labor / 4 commercial / 5 sightseeing / 6 others)
Number of family members accompanying
Number of packages (number of consigned baggage / number of carry-on items in cabin)
Confirmation of belongings
1.Do you have any products or crops made from animals, plants, and fish?
2.Do you have cash vouchers that are converted to pesos issued by Philippine banknotes, coins, checks, money orders or banks in the Philippines?
3.Do you have foreign currency in excess of US $ 31,000 equivalent
4.Do you have import-prohibited goods or import restricted products
5.Do you have samples for items such as jewelry for sale, electronic goods, products for advertisement promotion, products
Same signature as passport (autographed)
Date of departure (Monday / Day / Year - Christian calendar)
CIA school location
Street address
Cebu International Academy
A.S.Fortuna st., Balkilid, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines
Contact information

Immigration Procedures

Caution When entering the Philippines, please be sure to check that you have your departure ticketfrom the Philippines; the expiration date of your passport must be over 6 months.

01.Immigration examination: 
After arriving at the airport in the Philippines, the first thing to do is going through immigration control.
You may be asked about the purpose of visit from the immigration inspector to the Philippines, the visit period, the place of visit, etc.
Please briefly answer the questions. Please pass the immigration card and customs declaration form previously filled up in the cabin, and proceed to the immigration control counter and present it.
Here the examiner pushes a stamp to allow the stay good for 30 days. When you arrive at the airport, please check your entry card to make sure there are no omissions.
    What to present at immigration review
  • 1.Passport (validity period longer than 6 months)
  • 2.Flight ticket (e-ticket) when leaving the Philippines
  • 3.Immigration card (filled in on board)

Questions and responses at arrival at the airport

The frequently asked questions by immigration inspectors are as follows.

1.How long are you staying in Philippine? (How long are you staying in the Philippines?)
┗about 3months (if the training period is 12 weeks )

2.What is the purpose of your trip? (What is the purpose of your visit?)
┗holiday (I came on vacation. )

3.Where will you stay? (Where are you staying?)
┗ CIA academy (CIA language institute.)

02.Receiving baggage After completing immigration review, head to the baggage claim (Baggage Claim) where the number of the plane you boarded is displayed. In rare cases, you may mistake and bring other people's suitcases. Please be sure to check your baggage carefully.

03.Customs Review: It is a place to check if there are taxable items included in the baggage to the Philippines. You can pass through except when you’re instructed by the customs examiner to open your luggage, please do not hesitate to respond.
    Presented at customs appraisal
  • 1.Passport
  • 2.Customs Declaration Form (filled in on board)
04.Exit passage
After completing the customs review, please proceed to the exit.

05.Conjunction with pickup staff
The CIA pickup staff will be waiting outside with a CIA signboard. Please note that the pickup staff will be in several areas at the airport.
 *In the unlikely event that you are unable to find the pickup staff, please contact the Emergency Contact (0917) 3118371.

Philippine airport guide

Schedule after pickup
Upon arrival at CIA language institute from the airport, Secure the room key and temporary ID at the receiving office. Please enter your name and room number on our check-in records, and proceed to your assigned dormitory room.
There are no important schedules until Monday. Therefore, rest is recommended.
Meal times are as follows. Meals are served at the dining hall on the first floor. 
Breakfast (06:30 to 08: 00) / lunch (11:50 to13:00) / dinner (18:10 to19:10)
Please gather at the Dining Hall on Monday for the level test (08:30 to10: 30).
CIA facility introduction · currency exchange / lunch (10: 30 to 13: 20)
Orientation (13:20 ~ 16:00), free time (16: 00 ~) is scheduled.

Dormitory and living information
    Dormitory rules and regulations:
  • Visitors can only visit in the lobby of the dormitory. The visiting time is limited to between 8 AM and 5 PM.  
  • ② Please observe the curfew time.
  • Sunday to Thursday: 10:00 PM (On days without classes the following day, the curfew is 12 o'clock; on dayswith classes the following day, curfew is 10 am.)
  • Friday and Saturday: 12:00 AM
  • Note: CIA language school is not responsible for any troubles, incidents or accidents that may occur due to lackof curfew observation.
  • Bringing of alcoholic beverages in the dormitory is strictly prohibited.  
  • ④ Obnoxious behavior like singing loudly, shouting, or any form of act attracting undue attention or inconvenience to other students is strictly prohibited.
  • ⑤ The dormitory rooms are non-smoking. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas as marked on the campus.
  • ⑥ Quiet time is from 10pm to 6am, everyone must observe it.
  • Failure to comply is punishable with expulsion without refund of the remaining period.
 CIA Student's Life Guidelines
The following contents are aimed at helping students understand the safety procedures and accidents prevention at the site, so please be sure to read them.

Warning and Demerit System
In order to promote welfare and create a safe environment conducive for learning, we give demerit points according to the degree of violation. CIA reserves the right to give minor disciplinary actions to serious consequence such as expulsion according to the extent and impact of the student's infractions such as:  chronic absences, bullying other students, disturbing classes, unauthorized overnight, breaking curfew, entering off limits-to-student’s area, and/or any disrespectful behavior against the staff or other students. If you exceed the demerit points limit, we can expel you at any time. In some minor cases, we can post notice of warning and demerit points that includes losing the privilege to go out for the night and/or the weekends.

Overnight permit system
It is a system that allows students to stay out overnight during weekends. This privilege must be authorized according to overnight guidelines.

Travel Form
It is a system that allows students to coordinate their weekend travel plans with the office. 
Submit a completed form at the office prior to the trip. Travel documentation such as receipts and photographs will have to be submitted to the office as a confirmation of completed trip. Traveling abroad is also possible. (Any falsified documents will result in demerit points or serious punishment.)

Security deposit / damage to equipment / electricity bill
The deposit (P2500), electricity bill, water bill will be paid locally in local currency. If there are no problems when you check out, the deposit will be fully refunded

Extension of visa
Visa extension fee is also paid in local currency.  CIA will be responsible for extending your visa. 
Extension expenses vary according to the student’s length of stay, so please as CIA or agency for details.

Progress test procedure
Students take the test every Thursday on their 4th week. This test is so that you can track your progress and see where your strengths and weakness are at. Please note that if you do not take the progress you will not be issued a certificate.

Restricted area
CIA strictly prohibits any illegal acts such as gambling, prostitution, and going to establishments related to these acts. CIA will not take any responsibility if any accident occurs involving our students.

School Policy
These rules are made by Cebu International Academy for students who come here to study English. All students are to follow these regulations from the first day to ensure their safety and success. 

Lost item
CIA will not be held responsible for lost items. If possible, please refrain from bringing valuables or expensive items. If you happen to have any of these items, store them using locked closet in room.

Personal Computer
Hi-speed internet connectivity is available but may not be totally comparable to Japan. Downloading is banned as it significantly affects the Internet speed. Please prepare necessary programs before leaving Japan.

Others: Philippine Culture
Filipino culture, customs and personality are unique. It is important to understand manners and etiquettes that are socially acceptable so as to avoid conflict. It is advisable to be proactive in dealing with Filipinos to optimize your stay. The school will not be responsible for any misfortune or accidents that may occur resulting from lack of preventive measures on your part.

About life

01.ID card (student ID card)
A temporary ID card will be issued upon arrival at the dormitory. Permanent ID card will be given on Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Please surrender your school identification to the security guard upon exiting CIA premises together with fingerprint authentication. Full cooperation is always required to ensure safety.

02.Ticket Reservation Changes
Any change to your return ticket must be done personally online or through the local ticketing office. For details, please ask the Japanese manager at the office.

- 3 meals are regularly prepared, except for the last Saturday of each month due to sanitary inspection and disinfection of the kitchen. Instead, brunch (10: 00-12: 00) is served that includes Korean cuisine for the main dish with some Japanese and Taiwanese dishes.
- Wi-fi isavailable from the dormitory room 24 hours a day.  (However, connection may become unstable due to several reasons.) 
- A fitness gym is available so you can continue your workout routines. We also have Zumba on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
- School canteen offers a variety of both international and local ramen and snacks including cold drinks and confectionary products. 
- All rooms are equipped with water heater. 
- Basic hotel provisions such towels, hairdryers and other basic amenities are available in the both on and off-campus dormitories. 
- Laundry service is limited twice a week.

Laundry information
Clean laundry is available for pick up 3-4 days after deposit. The service is for regular type of clothes and not for specialty and overly sensitive fabric. We use regular detergent which may cause shrinking or discoloration to clothes that need special care. Therefore, it’s a good idea to leave those types of clothing to an expert. Because we care for your clothes like our own, compensation is provided in case of damage up to Php200 or loss of up to P500.

04.Weekend Activities
There are endless list of activities you can do in Cebu during the weekends. 
- Bohol Island sightseeing: Round-trip fare from Cebu to Bohol - Php1000, rent-a-car (8-seater) - Php2500-Php4000; meals Php1000; 
Places to go: Chocolate Hills, Lobok River Cruise, Biking, Forest or Danao Adventure Park. 
All these activities are available for 2-day and one-night stay or day trips. 
(An estimate of Php4, 000 to Php10,000 for the overall costs inclusive of transportation  accommodation, car rental, meals, bunker boat rental, etc.)
- Marine sports: Approximately 2,500 to 5,000 pesos (Jet ski, peanut port, banana port, kayak etc)
- Scuba diving: 1 day Beginner Experience is available forPhp2, 500 to Php5,000 / 2-Day Open- Water License Acquisitions about Php6,000 to php10,000.
- Island Hopping: ApproximatelyPhp3000 (inclusive of snorkel, fish feeding, swimming, seafood lunch/dinner and tipping included).
- Massage: Price range is from Php150 to php1000 available in Tonton, Ming Tai, Nuat Thai, etc.
- Cebu Beach Club: Located in Mactan Island Maribago, admission fee is as low as 350 Pesos, a comfortable place to spend the day
- Plantation Bay: One of the finest resorts in Cebu (Day trip packages start from Php2,000)
- Cebu Zoo: Php25 entrance fee. Experience interacting with animals such as snakes, crocodiles, birds, monkeys, and tigers.
- Papa Kids: A comprehensive facility where fishing, horseback riding, kayaks, zip lines, etc. can be done. Admission fee 100 pesos, Zip line 200 pesos, horse riding (10 minutes) 50 pesos, fishing rod 1 pc 75 pesos
- Shopping center => Ayala Mall, SM Mall, Park Mall, Country Mall, Gaisano Mall, etc.

05.Other expenses
- Transportation expenses such as taxi (basic fee 40 pesos), movie theater entrance fee (about 100-500 pesos), shopping, traditional food (about 500 pesos), bowling, pocket money, massage (feet, whole body - About 150 to 1000 pesos once); There are individual differences, but please consider it as 5000 pesos ~ 10 thousand pesos / month.
- When returning to Japan, you need about Php150 for taxi fare to the airport, and Php750terminal fee payable at Cebu Mactan International Airport. It is recommended to prepare for these fees prior to departure.