Why Philippines?

The greatest advantage of studying in the Philippines is cost and benefits. Prices are lower than in Japan.  So even if could not afford English conversation schools in Japan, little money could go way farther than the lodging, lessons, meals, etc. if you are in the Philippines.

The effects of studying in Philippines have now been greatly recognized and even so established as an indispensable undertaking in Korea. Recently, many Japanese have also taken this step.

Compared to Japan, the prices are considerably cheap, including one-on-one classes. Cebu is about 4 hours by air from Japan. Once was a capital city, Cebu has developed a highly urbanized and functional atmosphere yet ideal for relaxation. There are also beautiful beaches and golf courses nearby; you can enjoy vacation, travel and marine sports unique to tropical land.

Many people who study abroad get to enjoy activities that are not readily available in developed countries, such as golfing, scuba diving, horseback riding and traveling in general at an affordable cost. Cebu is known as one of the world's best yet safe resort destinations. 

One of the advantages of studying in the Philippines is one-on-one instruction, which is impossible to get in United States and UK. Even students who have no or little knowledge of English (from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China etc.) can take our four-week intensive basic one-on-one conversation classes. 

In addition, studying with us is more beneficial especially to those who wish to go to United States, Canada, the UK and other Western countries. If you complete basic English course in the Philippines, studying and working in English-speaking countries will be so much easier.