Cebu International Academy

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01. Passport Preparation
When coming to the Philippines, students must have passports that are valid for at least six months following their arrival.
※Please make sure to check it before departure.

02. Departure and Starting Date
Enrollment is on a weekly basis. Since the usual check-in is on Sunday, and Saturday check-out, students are recommended to choose their starting date at the end of the week. Students take the entrance test on Monday, and have the graduation day on Friday.

03. Registration Process
Application through Agencies: Please submit applications via accredited education agencies. A signed registration form and a deposit are required. ※ Click here for a list of reliable specialized on study abroad agencies.

04. Invoice Issuance
Once you have completed your application, you will be issued an invoice (expenses including: tuition, accommodation, and local fees) from the agency.

05. Booking Airline Tickets
Airline Reservations: Tickets can be purchased through a travel agents and/or cheap ticket agencies.
※Upon entering the Philippines, it’s a required to have a return ticket / a departure ticket from the Philippines to a another country.
※One-way tickets are not recommended because they will likely result in "denied entry." Please inform the education agency the moment ticket bookings are done.

06. Study Abroad Fee
Please pay the cost of studying abroad at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled date of departure.

07.International students travel insurance
If you want to ensure that you can afford medical care while traveling, travel insurance is important. The expense of medical care for foreigners is substantial, despite the fact that prices are lower in the Philippines than other country. Please be careful not to overestimate your physical capabilities while traveling, and be sure to have an insurance.

08. Preparation of Belongings
Preparation of belongings, please refer to "Belongings Preparation Page".

09. Departure
Students travelling internationally must arrive at the airport two hours prior to flight departure.

10. Airport Pickup
Upon arrival at Mactan-Cebu International Airport, a staff from CIA is there to pick you up to ensure that all baggage is collected before meeting with other staff at CIA.

11. Entrance Exam
Upon arriving at CIA, students is required to have an entrance exam to determine their level in English.

12. Student orientation
On the same day, students will have an orientation about the school information, classes, procedures, and among others. Students will also be informed on the school policies and consequences if students fail to comply.

13. Start Date of Classes
The class will start from the day after the orientation and releasing of class schedule.


Article 1: Statement of the Purpose

The policies and regulations of Cebu International Academy (CIA) are strictly implemented and imposed to ensure the success and safety of its students.

Article 2: Student's Obligations

Students enrolled at CIA must:
  1. Attend their scheduled classes and fulfill course requirements, such as daily tests, mock tests, and graduation tests. Their participation in extracurricular activities is optional unless it is required for the completion of the course.
  2. Follow the school policies and rules at all times.
  3. Pay attention to the notices and postings on the bulletin board and on line for any important information.
  4. Abide by the non-discrimination policy on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, age, nationality, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation. They must respect the teachers and classmates all the time.
  5. Comply all the rules and regulation given by the Management. Any willful act of disobedience can lead to serious consequences, including expulsion from CIA.

Article 3: Changes in Curriculum and Other School-Related Matters

The curriculum, course programs, class schedule (e.g., a student's starting date), and the policies of the school may change at any time by the Management with or without prior notice.

Article 4: Schedule

A regular student's schedule is composed of ten (10) periods. It is filled with man-to-man classes, group classes, self-study and self writing period. All classes are regularly held on weekdays, from Monday to Thursday with a class lasts for fifty (50) minutes and on Fridays it lasts for forty-five (45) minutes. Students are encouraged to join the speech and writing contests that are held on Fridays after the tenth period.

Students who achieved the required minimum score in the daily test on a given day are allowed to go out of the campus after class hours on the same day. Also, those who have gained the required minimum number of points in all the tests given from Monday to Thursday are allowed to go out of the campus the next weekend. However, any student who has no valid reason for not taking the daily test, and was caught cheating during the test gets a zero score. Also, he/she is not allowed to leave the campus after class hours on that day. His/her name will be on the list of students who are not allowed to go out for the day, which is posted on the bulletin board after 3pm daily. However, the list of student who are restricted from going next weekend is posted every Tuesday after 3pm.

Article 5: Philippine Holidays

Class schedules are subject to Philippine National Holidays: regular or special. During these holidays there are no classes at CIA. Also, no makeup classes will be held.

The following are regular holidays:

1 New Year's Day - January 1 7. Independence Day - June 12
2. Maundy Thursday - March/April 8. National Heroes Day - August
3. Good Friday - March/April 9. Eidul Adha - Irregular date
4. Day of Valor - April 9 10. Bonifacio Day - November 30
5. Labor Day - May 1 11. Christmas Day - December 25
6. Eidul Fitr - irregular date 12. Rizal Day - December 30
Religious holidays, which have irregular dates, are determined by religious calendar. Also, special holidays, which are declared by the Philippine government, have irregular dates. Students are then advised to check the bulletin board for announcements concerning those holidays.

Article 6: Attendance Management

The Management constantly monitors the student's attendance. Checkers visit each classroom to check/record both the student's and teacher's attendance. An overall percentage is generated periodically for other purposes such as monitoring Guarantee Course students' performance and giving the priority to change class.

Section 1: Absence with Permission
  1. In case of unavoidable circumstances, a student must fill out an absence form signed by an International Manager. Once an absence form has been approved, students are allowed to be absent from his/her class.
  2. A sick student who is unable to attend any of his/her classes should inform the main office and fill out an absence form. With permission, the student can go to the hospital for consultation and checkup. He/she should get a medical certificate as proof of his/her absence. Students may file the absence form on the following days and time
  3. Day Filing Time Absences for
    Monday ~ Thursday 07:20 ~ 07:50 Morning or Whole day Absences
    12:30 ~ 13:20 Afternoon Absences
    Friday 07:20 ~ 07:50 Morning or Whole day Absences
    12:00 ~ 12:55 Afternoon Absences
  4. For leaving students, a Free-day may be requested. Once this form has been approved,students could no longer attend all of the classes indicated on the request.
Section 2: Absences without Permission
  1. A student who shows up to class 10 minutes after the bell is marked absent.
  2. A student who is absent from his/her classes without permission is marked absent. He/she will be penalized for such absence.
  3. A student who has been absent from the same class for a week will be removed from it.
  4. A student who has more than five (5) absences in a week is not allowed to go out of the campus the next weekend.
  5. A student who has excessive absences or with overall attendance of 50% below will be expelled from the school.

All time records are based on the electronic clock in the front of the Main Office.
Note: CIA will not be liable for any incident that occur while the student is absent (with or without exemptions).

Article 7: Teacher's Absence

In case a teacher is absent, a substitute teacher will conduct the class. If a substitute teacher is not available, the absent teacher will hold a make-up class for the student. However, there will be no make-up classes for students who are absent from his/her classes on a given day.

Article 8: Curfew

All CIA students are expected to comply with the curfew rules without exemptions.
Sunday ~ Thursday The gate closes at exactly 22:00
Friday, Saturday, a day before holiday The gate closes at exactly 00:00
Wednesday, Sunday 22:00
Friday, Saturday, a day before holiday 00:00
  • All students must take the daily test in the morning, failure to do so is prohibited from going out in the evening.
  • Gates will be closed at the exact curfew time.
  • Students are not allowed to go out during Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. (Mactan Campus only)

For more information about Philippine holidays, refer to Article 5. The gate closes at the start of curfew. Once inside the school campus, the student is not allowed to go out anymore. Any student who breaks curfew receives ten (10) demerit points. (Insisting on Entering the Campus Dormitory on within curfew hours (i.e. 12MN-6AM) will result in additional 5 demerit points).