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At the beginning, I chose to come to CIA to study a language school. The main reason was to make English speaking better. Later, I can choose to work in Australia on vacation, or try a foreign company in Taiwan. So the agent recommended me to the CIA and started class.  Afterwards, I felt that the teachers here are very professional, the student dormitory is quite clean, and there is a laundry service. Our Taiwanese manager also takes care of Taiwanese students. The teachers are also very good, very patient, and there are many school lunches.  It is a kind of variety. I usually hold a lot of activities, so that our school life is not only a study, but my English has also improved a lot, and I have made friends from many countries. Group lessons can interact with students from other countries to practice English.  One course can increase speaking self-confidence, CNN classrooms can improve listening, and make your hearing improve a lot, and you can also go to the island with your good friends on holidays.  


Here is a good choice for vacation while studying go shopping in the mall near the school. On holiday, you can go to Cebu city to take pictures. It really makes me have a lot of good memories here.

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