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[CITY] I recommend CIA

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I came here in CIA to explore my abilities and to be independent.

On the other hand , my cousin also talked so much about how good CIA is . Thanks to her , I came to know and got information about CIA. It makes me feel excited, hearing from her about her experience and it pushed me to be brave going aboard to learn english . When I arrived in the Philippines I could see the difference between Korea and Philippines espeically the weather.


When I flew from korea it’s winter but when I arrived in Philippines it’s super duper hot like it’s summer but this didn’t stop me from pursuing studying english . The day came that I have to start studying, at first I was very nervous because I didn't have enoug confidence especially in speaking. However , when I met my teachers they helped me gradually improve me kneledge. I am very surprised to know that after few weeks of learning I became unstoppable in speaking english. My teachers told me that I’m always talkative . On the contary , I have also weak points . Studying grammar and writing is a great challenge for me but CIA system is helping students to improve spelling, vocabulary , organization, and brain storming through writing essays every day and these essays are being checked teacher daily . These kind of teaching method help me improve of my writing ability. 


My schedule is quite tight so , I needed to refresh my self. Thankfully there are agency around CIA that could help students visit famous places in cebu for recreation . I have experienced visiting one of the famous waterfalls in cebu , Kawasan waterfall. Together with the package of the tour is to also visit a famous beach in Cebu where I can find giant but gentle whale sharks . These experiences gave me the opportunity to be with other nationalities . Being with them brings me so much joy and fun so I want to experience more and will soon go for another get away . I was looking forward this fun experience. In my short time in CIA, I had already experinced so much that when I go back to my country I will not be able to forget and will forever cherish the beautiful Cebu . 


 I highly suggest and recommend Cebu and CIA to my family and friends and even to people I don’t know. For sure, this place will give them nice memories and quality education . CIA will surely take care of whoever will come and study . CIA is also located around nice restaurants and malls that is convenient . CIA teachers are very kind and pretty. CIA staff and managers are also welcoming and warm . The school is clean and nice . CIA will help you have amazing story and experience. To whoever is interested, you can come freely and ask for questions. I’m sure to say that cia has a nice quality education from teachers.

Thank you .

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