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It has been a month since I came to CIA, and I feel that my English level has improved significantly, especially in listening and speaking, and my perception of English has become more acute.

I want to give a special mention to the writing class teacher. At first, I felt very confused in writing, but now my thinking is gradually becoming clearer and I am making progress every day.

The team course design is very rich and interesting. Some teachers’ teaching methods are very humorous and they also add small games. This not only adds to the fun, but also allows me to get to know classmates from all over the world and broaden my cultural horizons.

If we are not happy with a lesson, we have the right to make adjustments on a weekly basis, which gives us the opportunity to try different teaching styles.

The Korean-style dishes in the cafeteria are very diverse, whether it is meat, vegetables, fruits or various drinks, they are all very rich.

Going out on weekends with classmates from different countries not only deepened my English communication skills, but also made many valuable friendships.

CIA often organizes various activities, such as the recent Christmas celebration, which had wonderful food and performances, as well as a surprising fireworks show.

Finally, a big thank you to Cia's staff, especially the team in the office. One time we had an issue with the air conditioner in my dormitory and they quickly solved the problem for us during the night which was really impressive.



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