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Cebu International Academy has left me with incredibly positive impressions due to its unique features and outstanding advantages.

About its academic feature, I must highlight the flexibility of the teachers and their individualized approach to each student. This factor allows for the most effective use of study time and a focus on the personal needs of the student. Lessons take place in a friendly and warm atmosphere, creating a comfortable interaction between teachers and students.

One of the great things about the school is the availability of facilities on the premises, such as a sports hall and a swimming pool. These amenities not only contribute to physical development but also create an atmosphere for active recreation and socializing among students.

Unfortunately, despite many positive aspects, one negative aspect stands out - the quality of food they served. The diet is dominated by excessive sweets, fried, and fatty foods, which can pose additional challenges for those who prefer a healthy diet. It is also worth noting the lack of protein in the diet, affecting the balance of nutrients.

Moreover, the portion distribution is another problem as the amount of food remains the same regardless of the student's weight category. This sometimes creates a sense of unfairness and offense, especially for those who find themselves having to fight for their share to avoid going hungry.

Overall, despite some shortcomings in their meals, I would recommend CIA as a place where you can effectively study in a friendly atmosphere and enjoy recreational activities.


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