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The good thing about choosing CIA is that the one-on-one teacher taught me well and carefully, and I was able to learn not only about studying but also about things that only locals know, and I was able to learn about culture and traditions in addition to English. In group classes, we talked with other beginners in English, and our communication skills improved. Through studying abroad in the Philippines, I would like to use not only English, but also the tolerance I have developed here in my next destination.

There are a lot of things I enjoyed the most about my life at the CIA. First of all, I was able to experience a culture that is completely different from Japan. I never did things like haggling in Japan, but now I do it all the time. At first I was resistant, but now I do it all the time. The second thing is that I can eat food that is unique to the Philippines. Foods like balut and shishi are generally strong-flavored in the Philippines, but they were delicious.

It wasn't really hard. Because the CIA dorms have room cleaning and three meals a day, and I think if you don't really play around, you can probably get by for free here. Really, everything is taken care of, so it's easy. But on the other hand, I worry that my ability to live independently may have decreased when I return home. Also, they don't flush toilet paper, so at first I just felt uncomfortable about that. But I think it was a good experience, considering that it's part of the culture.

If anyone is coming to study abroad in the Philippines, I recommend CIA. I have heard that it is certainly on the more expensive side in the Philippines, but I think there is a reason for that. The facilities are good, and there is a pool, billiards, table tennis, karaoke, and a gym. I think it is very convenient to be able to use these things for free inside the school, and it will refresh your studies. Also, the instructors were easy to understand, and I think they definitely helped me improve my English skills.




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