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Life at CIA was more enjoyable than I expected, and one of the reasons for this is that it was easy to make friends. There are people of various nationalities at CIA, and I was able to make many friends by talking in group classes and at meals. The teachers were also very friendly, and I really enjoyed meeting and talking with them, as well as English classes. Thanks to that, I think my speaking ability improved. In class, you have to speak up spontaneously, and at first I didn't know how to ask questions about things I didn't understand, but by listening to and imitating what my classmates and teachers said in group classes, I was able to ask what I wanted to ask in the end. Even if I was stuck for words, the teachers tried to understand what I meant, and waited for us to speak, so I no longer hesitated to speak. I also studied for IELTS for three months, and it was a good experience to be exposed to British English, which is not often encountered in Japan. Also, learning English in English was very stimulating, and because it was an English environment, I had the opportunity to use the words I learned right away, which I think also contributed to my English acquisition. I would like to make use of the English skills I have cultivated here in my future study abroad in Australia. Finally, what I would like to recommend about CIA is that, in terms of facilities, the rooms are clean and the study environment is well-equipped. There are also gyms and pools where you can relieve stress, so I feel that it is well-balanced. Another thing is that there are people of a wide range of ages. By studying with a wide range of ages, from young to old, I was able to learn a lot about ways of thinking. In addition, CIA is located on Mactan Island, and it was very nice that there was greenery around and it was quiet. It is not far to Cebu City, about 40 minutes away, and the location is good for weekend trips. When I went to Cebu Island, there were places where I could do activities such as Kawasan falls, and I was able to enjoy canyoning. Diving can be done in various places, and some of my friends got their licenses because they were cheaper than in Japan. The sea was very beautiful and there were many beaches, which made me feel at peace. In terms of food, there are many restaurants around, including Korean restaurants and many delicious Japanese restaurants. You will never have trouble finding food 


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